Jaime Llorca

Jaime Llorca

Jaime Llorca
PhD student
Department of Physical and Regional Geography
University of Barcelona
C/ Montalegre, 6-8
E-08001 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 403 78 66
E-mail: jaimellorca@ub.edu

Jaime Llorca - Curriculum vitae

2011 - 2014 FPI post graduate fellowship, Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation
2008 - 2011 Honorary Contributor at the Department of Physical Geography and GRA, Complutense University of Madrid
2007 - 2009 Advanced Studies Diploma
2007 Undergraduate Collaboration Fellowship of the Spanish Ministry of Education at Complutense University of Madrid
2001 - 2007 Geography at the Complutense University of Madrid

Research Interests

Physical geography, Quaternary Science, Climatic Geomorphology, Natural hazards, Paleoclimatology, Sediment Budgets.

Research areas

Bernese Alps, Hasli Valley (Switzerland).

PhD Project

My research will focus on the study of accumulation rates and estimation of a high resolution sediment budget of the upper Aare basin. The objective is to understand and represent accumulation processes in the Hasli Valley in the last 1000 years, taking into account natural climate variability, land use changes and human impacts on this fluvial system.


Participation in research groups

FluvAlps Research Group - Fluvial Variability in Alpine Environments, University of Barcelona.

Relevant publications

L. Schulte1, J. C. Peña, F. Carvalho, T. Schmidt, R. Julià, J. Llorca, and H. Veit, 2015.

A 2600-year history of floods in the Bernese Alps, Switzerland: frequencies, mechanisms and climate forcing

Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 19, 3047-3072, 2015

J. C. Peña1, L. Schulte, A. Badoux, M. Barriendos, and A. Barrera-Escoda, 2015.

Influence of solar forcing, climate variability and modes of low-frequency atmospheric variability on summer floods in Switzerland

Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 19, 3807-3827, 2015

L. Schulte, J.C. Peña, R. Julià, F. Carvalho, J. Llorca, J. Losada, F. Burjachs, T. Schmidt, P. Rubio, H. Veit, 2014.


Avances de la Geomorfología en España 2012-2014. Editores: Susanne Schnabel y Álvaro Gómez Gutiérrez. XIII Reunión Nacional de Geomorfología, Cáceres, 2014. pp. 143-146

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