Fieldwork in Physical Geography, Vera basin, southeast Spain

Figure 1: Fieldwork in Physical Geography, Vera basin, southeast Spain. Fieldwork is basic for Bachelor and Master studies in Geography. In April 2006 fieldwork focused palaeoecological natural archives as fluvial sediments, soils and travertines. The exposed section shows an Early Pleistocene aggradation sequence of palaeosoils, alluvial and eolian deposits in the Antas river catchment
(20.04.2006, © by E. Ralló).

Prof. Dr. Mariano Barriendos

Bachelor studies:

  • World Modern History
  • Documentary sources and climate history

Prof. Dr. Francesc Burjachs

Master studies:

  • Palaeoenvironmental studies

Prof Dr. Patricio Rubio Romero

Bachelor studies:

  • Coastal Geoecology
  • Assessment of environmental impacts
  • Landscape Geography

Master studies:

  • Assessment and mangement of landscapes
  • Environmental management and landscape

Prof Dr. Lothar Schulte

Bachelor studies:

  • Geomorphology
  • Field work in Physical Geography
  • Geography of natural environments
  • Remote sensing

Master studies:

  • Natural hazards

Prof. Dr. Heinz Veit

Bachelor studies:

  • Landscape ecology
  • Palaeoecology I
  • Ecology of the Tropics and Subtropics

Master studies:

  • The Alps and mountain regions of the world
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